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The Significance of Color in Jewelry!

In September we published a lookbook that analyzes the psychological aspects of colors in our daily lives and how they affect jewelry design. This month we get into a bit more detail on the psychology of colors.

The human eye sees and values ​​the world through colors. Colors not only influence our emotions. They also represent different meanings and symbols in different cultural contexts. This practice of color symbolism dates back to ancient times when people used certain colors to signal their social status or to celebrate special occasions.

Colors are ingrained in our brain because they are an inseparable element of everything we see and an important element that helps us identify and classify objects based on the meanings with which they are associated. For example, red represents energy, passion and danger, yellow represents happiness, hope and spontaneity, green represents nature, growth and harmony, and blue represents calm and wisdom.

Gemstones and their Colors!

The importance of color in aesthetics is often paramount. Take gemstones for example, which have been highly prized since the BCE era and even up till today. Without its alluring colors, gemstones are mere rocks without significant value.

Today, the colors of gemstones bring associated symbolism and meanings to them, enabling them to play a significant role in the way we express ourselves and show our appreciation or intentions toward others.

There are so many colors that we can talk about but for this post, we will simply focus on the primary colors Red, Blue and Yellow.

The color Red!

Red is known to be linked to our most primitive physical and emotional state of survival and self-preservation. It represents our most powerful emotions of passion, courage, power, will, and desire.

When you have work to do, when you need a lot of energy, when you want to feel confident in control, and when you want to be sexy and desirable. The most effective way to add or balance the power of red is to include red in your daily wardrobe, stay around you for hours and touch your skin to affect your aura.

Red is a color that is hard to balance in Jewelry due to its powerful tones, instead, we believe it is better to create an ideal balance by wearing a red-focused outfit and matching it with a calming color such as Blue. This creates a powerful Aura and gives you the confidence to achieve your tasks but also creates an inviting presence for the people around you.

The color Blue!

Historically, the color blue was a wonderful object due to its rarity in nature. In an age when colors and hues were derived from natural sources such as minerals and insects, blue was a difficult color to come by. Due to its rarity and vivid hue, as well as the fact that color can be found in the greatest natural features of the land, sky, and oceans, it is often associated with royalty and authority.

The first artificial blue pigment was developed by the ancient Egyptians who discovered how to make a permanent pigment that could be used in "decorative arts." That is why blue represents so many creative, positive and imaginative things.

We created the Blue Sapphire Earrings in the Hope collection for this very symbol. We wanted to showcase a creative and outgoing look for our customers who wear this beautiful representation of the color Blue!

The color Yellow!

Yellow is a wonderful color, it represents the sunlight that gives us warmth, it represents hope, confidence, optimism, joy and communication.

Have you ever walked in a shadow and felt cold but the moment you step into the sunlight even if it is for just a few seconds and this warmth fills your body as if the cold has just dissipated and you can feel a sense of calm?

Well wearing the color yellow can give you the same sensation, confidence and aura that is warm, inviting and joyful. Wear during casual times to attract people towards you. Combine with blue to create an even more powerful attraction!

Gems and Traditions

A lesser-known fact is that gemstones are closely related to tradition. Tradition is one of the most important factors influencing the demand and value of gemstones. We believe that artisan craftsmanship is more authentic than machine-made. Even if the quality of a machine-made item remains largely acceptable, the authenticity and importance of traditional craftsmanship can never be reproduced by machine.

For this reason, artisans always value jewelry more than machine-made jewelry. From design to manufacturing, each step is filled with the art, soul, and traditions of craftsmanship, making each and every piece unique in its own way. As artisans are slowly losing the race against machines that can mass produce products quickly and inexpensively, it is becoming increasingly important to remember the value of authentic handmade products and what they truly stand for.

We hope that you will take the above into consideration the next time you need a powerful and charming outfit whether for a casual day or an important occasion such as a business meeting.

Draw people in with your style and remember that true beauty is on the inside and can be amplified by the outfit you wear!

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