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Our Story


My life has been influenced by my experiences, my journeys, residence, motherhood, matriarchal influences, and a love for entrepreneurship and creativity. Living around the world, from India to Indonesia, to China, and back home to India has shaped my love and understanding of cultural values, languages, styles, and expression of identity.


My identity as an entrepreneur, a mother, and an artist has been nurtured since I was young. Since then, they have continued to be shaped through my experiences as I appreciated and assimilated the gifts that different cultures had to offer. From These Experiences, comes ARRA - An initiative that inspires women to have a sense of freedom in what they wear and whom they choose to be, as they live their dreams and passions.

Arra's Journey

Vedic Life

I founded Vedic Life in 2005 while living in Shanghai. Vedic Life brings homeware, pashmina shawls, and other accessories

Sourcing from talented artisans and designers in these three countries, Vedic Life soon became synonymous with a quality range of products varying from Home décor, to clothing & silver jewelry.  With an emphasis on Quality without Compromise, the selection at Vedic Life soon won over a customer base that was well-traveled and appreciative of pieces that were not just impulsed buys but keepsakes.


ARRA by Aradhana

ARRA was born out of Vedic Life in 2014, while living in Jakarta. With an emphasis on unique style, the range of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, each accessory is designed to make women feel bold and fearless, with a hint of chic. Our focus is on natural gemstones and beadwork, including quartz, rubies, tourmalines, emeralds, and amethysts. In addition to style and elegance, each gemstone offers different natural healing properties. Great attention is given to the quality of the stones, the design, and the quality. They are imbued with the emotions and sentiments of both our clients and the artisans who help create our best work. “We are not just selling jewelry- we are selling wishes, hopes, desires, and dreams.” 


ARRA provides an in-house jewelry range which is the evolution of nine years of passionate work in the field of semi-precious jewelry, working with a variety of artisans across 3 countries, and working with women like you as you evolve into and embody the women you are meant to be. Ever eager to try new things, we also welcome your designs & ideas.  Together with your vision and our expertise we can work towards creating jewelry that is sure to become a conversation piece and a proud possession.

Tell your story. Or better yet, let Arra do it for you

Opportunities for you with ARRA

At the heart of “ ARRA” is Women’s empowerment.  As a woman entrepreneur myself, I strive to share my love for my work and interests with other women entrepreneurs around the globe. I encourage stay-at-home ambitious homemakers to sell our range with zero investment. Forming long-term relationships with women like you, who understand the ever-changing tastes of your clientele, is one of my essential passions. I invite you on a journey to co-create jewelry designs with me.

Additionally, I choose to work with manufacturers that employ woman artisans - especially for our orders. Connecting women professionally to benefit the local community is the essence of our interactions.

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